Friday, January 20, 2017

DoubleClick Skittles Last Call!!

DoubleClick Skittles Last Call!!

Clearing out the lab and ready to mix up some new colors! Here is the last call, these colors are discontinued and will not be sold again! This is the LAST of them!!

If you are interested, please contact me (above button or leave your email in the comments below) and I will send a Paypal invoice. US only. 

Witches Brew SOLD OUT
Available: 0 set
$3.50 FREE shipping
Frosty Collection:
Available: 2 sets
$3.50 each set Free shipping
Holiday Traditions:
Available: 1 set
$3.50 Free Shipping

Summer 2014
Available: 2 sets
$3.50 each set Free Shipping
Disney Release:
Available: 2 sets
$3.50 Each set Free Shipping

If you order more than 1 set you will receive a FREE bonus bag with your order! 1 free bag per order.

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