Friday, July 1, 2016

Updates, News and some Tough Decisions! DoubleClickSkittles information!

Hello Friends! It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to close down my challenges. This was a really tough decision, I didn't feel I was able to commit to the time my challenges need and didn't think it was fair to the people taking the time to enter. I have hosted over 50 challenges and LOVED every single project that was created for my challenges and have always admired all of the entries. My current challenge; stars and/or stripes will be my final challenge. I will draw the last winner soon after the challenge closes on July 5.

Thank you to all of you for making the challenges such a successful adventure! 

My life, as with most of you has its ups and downs, years begin to blur together and time becomes a precious gift. My girls are in the last few years of high school, and my time with them is becoming more and more important. I accepted a position at the high school as the girls head cross country coach. I am very excited to be starting this new adventure! 

Sometimes we have to pick and choose our hobbies even when we don't want to. I love crafting and hope to be able to craft more freely without time restrictions that the challenge schedule put on me. 

My puppy has also been recovering from Valley fever. He has permanent heart and lung damage. He has struggled with his illness and we have been taking care of him. It has been very hard on all of us, especially since we still have not recovered from loosing Kimber. My little buddy can't run with my anymore, but he still waits by my running shoes:

I will be keeping the DoubleClickSkittle line alive! I have given this adventure many years and I want to keep it up and running. I hope to get some new colors released and I have also updated my store with a shopping cart so you can now pick and choose the colors you want! 

You can check out the store HERE! 

Thank you all for your support and understanding!