Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's my Birthday!! Happy Birthday tooooo Me!! Win some Birthday Blog Candy!

Guess what??

Seriously I cannot believe another birthday is passing me by!! Today I will be celebrating that I survived another year! My 7th year reflecting on my life in blog land seems just crazy to me! Last year I had one of the HARDEST years of my life. This year I went into survival mode and I am finally feeling like things are on the upswing. As I get older I realize how important it is for me to set new goals in writing and reach for them! There are lots of changes coming for my me and my family, every year that passes our girls get another year older and lately we have started thinking about and planning for what we will be doing when our girls leave for college. New goals, new hopes, new dreams, and I am pretty excited! 

Thank you to everyone that has supported me and my DoubleClickSkittle line! After receiving several requests about the checkout of my store, you can now add any colors you want to a shopping cart and check out at once! I also have speedy checkout with pre-selected colors ready to go!

Thank you friends for hanging with me through the ups and downs of this past year! And I apologize if I haven't been the best at visiting, it is on my new goal list!

For those of you interested, I post monthly on my running blog about runs, and healthy eating you can check it out here If you are on a journey, I would love to hear about it!  

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Who wants to win some birthday blog candy?? Just tell me 1 realistic goal you have for yourself right now.

My goal: To have my entire house purged and sorted before November 2016

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  1. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! As for a realistic goal - I have a quilt that I want to have done for my dad in time for his birthday this year.

  2. Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday to YOU!!!! I hope this year is better for you. the last few have been tough for me, too, so I know how you have been feeling. may today be all about YOU and the good things heading your way! :)

    btw - I have been having a blast using the skittles I won as a prize from one of your challenges a bit ago. they are so cute and fun! :)

    my goal for this year has been to adapt a more healthy eating style. so far I've been doing pretty well with it, only having a few 'cheat' days for special occasions. have lost about 15 pounds so far. that inspires me to keep going. :)

    again, enjoy your day!

  3. happy happy birthday! My #1 goal for 2016 has been to stay one month ahead on projects. Not quite there but I have been at least 2-3 weeks ahead! I would also like to lose a few pounds before vaca in April, wouldn't every one?


  4. Wish you a fabulous birthday Carri and so glad to hear your positive attitude! My crafty goal for the year to not hoard my craft supplies but to use them but I confess I still am hoarding some of your gorgeous skittles[ sent to me by Diana!]. I have a US address you can ship to so keeping my fingers crossed!!

  5. My goal is to purge some of my craft supplies and sell the in a garage sale to get money to purchase different storage components for my craft room.
    Happy Birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday!!!
    Hope you have a GREAT day!

  7. Happy Birthday to you = and many more - May this year be a fantastic year - with many lovely surprises! Today is my grandson Carson's BD too - age 5 - an exciting day!~
    My goal for this year is to get all of the boxes unpacked as we moved and it is a huge job to get things organized - have a blessed day and enjoy your life and family - life is good.

  8. Happy, happy birthday Carri!! Oh, I wish I was close so we could go celebrate! I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebrating with friends and family!! Have a super day...big hugs sending you way!
    One of my goals was to organize my craft room which I have to say, I am happy to be done! I have purged a lot and things finally are in place, labeled and easily to get at. Yay!!! I need to do the same through out my house~so that being said, my goal is to have that done by the time we come to AZ in Sept, lol!
    Enjoy your day my friend!
    Sherrie K

  9. Happy Happy Birthday, Carri!
    I wish you a wonderful day full of tons of love, hugs and cake!!
    One of my goals to change up my craft space and add a bigger table with soem storage space that my hubby will be working on this summer.
    Have a blessed day,
    Crafting With Creative M

  10. Happy birthday Carri! Wishing you a wonderful day with family and friends and blessings for the upcoming year!
    My goal is to set up a new crafting space. I certainly need to use crafting supplies that I have been hoarding.
    Enjoy your day!
    Glenda's Cards

  11. Happy, happy birthday, Carri!! I hope your day is filled with much love and happiness!! One of my goals is to organize my craft room. I'm in the midst of a huge overhaul. I've changed how I store my dies and stamps. It's a major undertaking and I'm about 60% done. I'm purging at the same time. Happy birthday again my friend!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. Happy Birthday! One goal I have is to clean my craft room and get organized. I bought a few organizers on Black Friday and there they sit, empty...waiting for my stuff to go in them. I just need to stuff them...today...this week! ~Kim Klinkovsky at My Kraft Kloset

  13. Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy your special day!
    That is quite a big goal. I'll settle for cleaning and organizing my stamp room!

  14. Happy Birthday my sweet friend! I hope you have the most fabulous day! My goal this year is to really enjoy my crafty life. I have such a passion for crafting and really need it to be about what I love. I am spending a lot more time creating layout pages and memorializing the most important events in my family's life!

  15. Happy, Happy Birthday, Carri!! Hope you have a wonderful day with your family!!!

  16. Your goal indicates Nov 2015 and I'm figuring you mean 2016 or later. My 1 goal is to get ready stuff for annual yard sale in Apr or May of things in our grarage & Tuff shed we do not use and also things inside the house. Have a BEE-utiful day!
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  17. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day.


  18. Happy happy happy happy happy happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know I am still on my weight loss journey ... 40 down and 40 more to go! :)

  19. Sorry I missed your Birthday! But I like that you are making goals for yourself - I know when the kids leave, it's like a new adjustment period for us and our spouses - I've had 2 boys move away... I have 1 young man left and we are trying to spend as much time with him as we can since he's our only one left! :) I've made several goals already for this year - I try to make 1 goal a month - this month is to lose 10 more lbs. I'm at 6lbs down so far - I try to set realistic ones for myself so I don't get disappointed - you might think 10lbs in a month is crazy.. but it's not if you set your mind to it! :) Anyway, I'll stop jabbering! :) Have a great day!

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  20. Happiest of birthdays to you!! My crafty goal for the year is to appreciate and use the craft supplies I already own and my personal goal is to be healthier in my food choices. I am doing great with both goals! That's a first for me. :)

  21. Happy, Happy Birthday to you! My goal for this year is to read more. While being a snowbird, I have enjoyed reading several books, something I never seem to find the time for at home. When we return to Pennsylvania, I hope to keep reading.

  22. Happy Birthday! One realistic goal...hmmm...besides drink more coffee? LOL Getting this extra weight off! Three pounds down, many to go, but they're going. I follow via Bloglovin! ;)

  23. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day!!! I need to purge and clean my house too...my goal is a little less daunting than yours, but still lots of work ahead! Here's to a great 2016! I love your challenge blog and try to stop in and stay up to date when I can...your design team is the best! They always visit when I enter and are so kind!

  24. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!! God bless you!
    Funny thing, I had different goals before this week. I had a heart scare!! It turns out I am in great shape after all, so I have decided to have the goal of having "better" health by my next yearly exam! And scrapbook at least 40 pages and 50 cards. Big plans and hoping all for the best, God willing.

  25. Happy, happy birthday! I didn't realize that our birthdays are only two days apart :) One realistic goal...Hmmmmm. I am currently not snacking after supper time to curb my bad habit of that LOL!

  26. Happy Birthday my friend. Well, sadly my sweet dog Louie passed away last week, so my goal right now is to get through the morning process. I know it will take some time.