Thursday, August 13, 2015

DoubleClick Skittles LAST CALL!! Get your favorites before they sell out!

LAST CALL!! Discontinued DoubleClickSkittle Colors! 

Cleaning out the lab!  Below are the last of the old releases that may not be continued as a color, so once they are gone.... they are gone! There will also be some price changes going into effect so you better grab what you want today! Wink Wink!

The easiest way for me to sell these to prevent over selling is: please email me the release(s) you are interested in along with your Paypal address and I will send an invoice. Please pay within 24 hours. abusybee24 at yahoo dot com
I will confirm your email. Or my contact button above.

Sorry no free Skittles with these last calls. All orders ship for free. 

"releases" are in 3 baggies with 25 per baggie

If you order 1 release (3bags): $3.50
If you order 2 releases (6bags): $6.00
If you order 3 releases (9bags): $8.25
4 or more releases get 2.75 per 3 and 1 free bag bonus color

Here is an update of my LAST CALL Skittle Colors! 

Summer 2014 Release
(1) sets available

Black Friday 2014 SOLD OUT
(0) sets available

 2014 Spring Release
(0) sets available SOLD OUT

Spooky Fun:
(0) Available SOLD OUT

Winter 2015
(1) sets available

The following are misc colors, some never released, some mixed sets:

Extra release # 1:
(0) set SOLD OUT

Extra release # 2
(0) Set SOLD OUT

Extra Release # 3
(0) set SOLD OUT

Extra release # 4
(0) set SOLD OUT

Extra release # 5
(0) set SOLD OUT

Extra release # 6
(0) set SOLD OUT

Extra Release # 7
(0) set SOLD OUT

Skittles are small and not intended for children. Photos are of actual


  1. So many great colors of skittles!

  2. Love Skittles and I am so glad to see them getting sold out because that means more and more people are enjoying using them!! You are so awesome, Carri!!