Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to delete Anonymous Comments from your blog posts blogger Clean out your Spam Folder! Quick Tip

Today I wanted to share a quick video and step by step instructions on how to delete unwanted comments from your blog posts. There are 2 ways to easily remove them and 1 way to prevent them.

And how to clean out your blogger SPAM folder.

Sometimes Anonymous comments are left on blog posts that usually contain a bad link like this:

Or say you are having a giveaway and it is one entry per person and someone does this:

comment 1:
Thanks for the fun giveaway
comment 2:
Sorry! I forgot to include me email

This can make your comment count inaccurate.  

I hope the video and step by step instructions can help you to remove them.

I have also included a way to clean out your SPAM folder in blogger! Did you know you have one of those??


Two ways to delete comments from blogger:

Log Into Blogger

on  your homepage/dashboard

Click down arrow by notebook

Click Comments

Check the box on the comment you want to remove

This will remove the comment completely from your blog post.

While you are in this area... Look to the left

Click on the spam and see what comes up...
(These comments in your Spam folder are not published on your blog posts)

If it is a blog friend that you know, chances are they left you these comments from an Ipad or Iphone
You can click the comment and select not spam and this will post it to your blog post.

Or if it is bad comments with bad links you should delete them from here and they will never be published and will be gone.


Click on the post

Hit comments

When you see the comment you should see a trash can

click on it

Click REMOVE Forever first

Then delete the comment

To put an end to the Anonymous comments forever:

Posts and comments
Who can comment?
Click Registered User


click comment moderation and you decide what gets published and what doesn't

Some quick tips:
Never click on the links in Anonymous comments
Never include your complete email address, always add spaces

I hope you enjoyed my quick tip!


  1. Funny thing Carrie is I am just learning about this now so your timing with this post is impeccable, thank you so much!!!! hugs

  2. THIS IS GREAT Carrie! I got like 4 over this past month!!! YOU ROCK!

  3. Thanks for the info, this is very helpful....

  4. Awesome tips, Carri!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Thanks for sharing this Carri!!


  6. Carri these are some awesome tips and the video was awesome too! Thanks for sharing it!


  7. Thanks for coming by my blog and telling me about this post! I got my comments all cleaned up and fixed that problem!