Sunday, January 20, 2013

It is RELEASE day!! Time for some NEW Skittle COLORS!! Yippee!

It is RELEASE Day!! Yippee! Today I am releasing 6 new colors and they are super awesome!! 

Release Number 1 contains; butterscotch, Stream, and Wild Plum
Valentine's Day Release (Limited quantities) Pink Passion, Angel kiss and Cupids Copper! 

Unfortunately I cannot ship out only 3 sets at a time, the shipping fee was not cost effective. So I am allowing the special release to be purchased with any of the sets!

6 bags for $6.00 free shipping
You may choose your six colors 
(Excludes Black Friday Release)

15 bags $ 12.00 free shipping
You will be sent one each of the original color release unless you request something different
(Excludes Black Friday Release)
See original release HERE

15 bags from the original set plus Release Number 1 $15.00 free shipping
(18 bags total)

15 bags from the original set plus Valentine's Day Release $ 15.00 Free Shipping (18 bags total)

15 Bags from the original set plus Release Number 1 plus Valentine's Day Release $18.00 free shipping. (21 bags total)

These are handmade embellishments, hand dyed so colors will vary.

Release Number 1



 Wild Plum:

Valentine's Day Release: LIMITED TIME ONLY
Pink Passion
 Angel Kiss
 Cupid Copper

Wild Plum
Pink Passion

You can see all the colors in my Store! Click HERE to see my Store!

And feel free to email me any questions!

Do you have my skittles and want to be featured on my blog? Just email me!

Skittles are small and not intended for children


  1. Love all the new colors great way to showcase all your pretty skittles on the cards.
    Have a great week, my friend
    DIANA L.

  2. I hope you sell ALL Of them. I love the new pink. It looks AWESOME on my new Valentine's Day project. Can't wait to see more projects using your skittles.

    Stay Creative,
    Carson's Creations

  3. I can't wait to get mine--so excited...they are so pretty!

  4. I can't wait to get mine--so excited...they are so pretty!

  5. Great colors! Great cards too! Love them new colors!


  6. All of the new colors are gorgeous, Carri!! I love the Pink Passion!! They look so amazing on your cards!! Happy Sunday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Fantastic Carrie~ love all those new colors... They will probably be sold in no time...

  8. Great new colors, Carrie!! Love all the colors!!

  9. OH I'm in love with all these skittles. That Angel kiss is so such a sweet and soft color.

    Have a great sunday


  10. made a set of 3x3 cards today with your amazing skittles will post them tomorrow love ALL the colors but that Cupid copper I think is my favorite...

  11. Love the new colors! These are so awesome Carri, I received mine and love love love them!!

  12. Those are fun, really great colors and you showcased them beautifully with your fab cards :)

  13. Beautiful colors!! They make beautiful projects also!!

    Precious Hugs

  14. Love the new colors Carri! I just got mine in the mail and LOVE them:) So fun and excited to use more of these!
    Thanks so much!

    Sherrie K

  15. These look so gorgeous! You really did an amazing job with these.