Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Messy Craft Space!

Fun and Mental Changes is having a give-a-way!

The good folks at Nantucket Bagg donated an AWESOME lime green and pink "diddy" to one lucky winner over at Fun And Mental Changes!!! 

Here are the details: Simply, do up a quick blog post about this give away (being sure to include a link to this post) and include pics in your post of your craft space, work space or any area in need of a bag like this.

Here is why I need this bag!!
Can you believe what I am trying to work in? I am really a very organized person but when it comes to my crafts look out! It is a mess all the time!

My craft counter:
Stuff to put away ( but I have no room for)

My paper:
So I am Totally entering this give-a-way! To help me get organized!!


  1. thats a scream! Its soooo me! It takes me more time to find what bin or drawer I threw something in than to actually make a card!)

  2. I have recently organized my stuff, but it always gets back to being a mess.

  3. OMG, Carri! You need to get that desk cleaned up, girl! I know when mine gets like that, I can't stand it because I can't find anything and it seems I spend more time looking for stuff that I know is on the top of that desk than I do trying to create! (it probably looks better by now--I'm catching up on my blog visiting and I read today's post first and you said you were off today and did a little clean-up in your room)!--Pat

  4. I just love seeing other crafter's spaces! Clean or messy they are always inspiring!

  5. OK.... seriously! This give away makes me want to donate my Feng Shui organizing! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanx for playing along... YOU WON!!!!