Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Owl Card! & My Scorpion Slaying Continues.. You Won't believe this!!

Owl shaped card using Wild Card Cartridge

Owl from Wild Card Cricut Cartridge. 
Card Feature
Paper from Scraps
Tim Holtz distressed ink
Cuttlebug Scallop Die Cut
Happy Birthday Stamp
Google Eyes
Craft twine

Entering into:
Birthday Sundaes: Shaped Birthday Card

You Had me at Craft: Linking Party 

I heard my Daughter yell "SCORPION!!" So of course I grabbed my camera to go check it out! This video is so funny, hearing myself scream which causes my Daughters to scream!

So one down... but guess what...
Just an ordinary glass of Ice-T????

Not according to the black light we used to check the house!
 Two in one Day!!
This one was already dead!

We are sooo grossed out today!!


  1. Ok you have got to tell me... Was someone drinking the ice tea while that thing was in the glass? I would totally have had a heart attack. Oh I love the owl card!!! lol

    Precious Hugs

  2. Have mercy!!! I would have just died!! Glad no one got to meet this lil bugger personally! My brother was stationed in Iraq and stuck his foot into his combat boots while one was inside - eeeek! Absolutely DARLING card - what a HOOT!! I think it's your best one yet! x0x0

  3. Love your card. Glad you slayed the dragon!!!! yeahh

  4. Hi Carrie! First of all your card is so cute, and second of all that scorpion is creepy!!! I think you may be more brave than I am! I have some awards for you on my blog!! :)

  5. not sure what it is but that owl just made me smile.

  6. Good stuff: Love the card! So cute.
    Bad stuff: Ewwww that you need a black light for that purpose. Double ewwww that you have found two!
    Good stuff again: You are a scorpion slaying super mummy and braver than me! x

  7. OMGOSH OMGOSH!! In your drink? Two in one day? UGH!!!

  8. The Owl card is super cute! Thanks for take the chance to play with us at Birthday Sundaes!

    You should call the pest control people...I know you are brave enough(much more than me of course) to kill those bugs, but 2 in one day? Take care and be safe!
    I know that you are always inspired to craft...wonder if that scorpion could inspires your next card (lol)


  9. love the owl card. And i thought the snake in my pond was hard to get the courage to get it out of there. I those kind of creatures. had a dead possum also i had to dig out of my rain barrel. we are lucky with the creatures ha.

  10. Not cool about the "SCORPION". I live in KY and have had one that I am aware of. I love the "OWL". It is so cute.... Great Job. I appreciate all the kind things you say about my work and blog...

  11. Great card. I don't know how you deal with those scorpions!!

  12. I absolutly LOVE owls. That card is adorable. But on the other hand I absolutly HATE scorpians. I'm in AZ also but have never (knock on wood) had one in my home. I love that you captured the moment on video.
    I have an award for you over on my blog.


  13. Like the Owl card. My daughter likes Owls. Watching the scorpion video the size of teh scorpion was huge & I kept saying grab a container & a piece of cardstock to put under the container. We get geckos in our house during the Summer. I keep plastic cake frosting containers in each room of the house to catch the geckos in & release outside. When we have cups we are drinking from we cover the lids with the lids for the plastic cake frosting containers to keep any critters out.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  14. Eeeeeee, I'm screaming along with you and your daughters as I watched the video!! And I thought a mouse was bad! Ha! Nothing compared to a scorpion! I was going into a hotel room once and a little blue lizard slithered his way inside before me and that was it...I had to change rooms and move to the second floor! I admire you for being able to tame these beasts :D


  15. Love your owl card!! I've got the creeps from your video though, yikes!! It was pretty funny, I was screaming along with you! And I want to know also, was someone drinking that tea when they saw the scorpion in it?

  16. Such a cute owl card!!!
    OMG you guys are too funny! I did get the creeps seeing that cup of scorpion :)
    I would flip at one but two in a day would put me over the edge!!!

  17. I love your card. I think the scorpion video takes the cake. It made me laugh, because I squeak and squeal and scream when I am scared of something and I know it freaks everyone around me out too. So, I thought it was funny you'd freak out and then your kids would follow.

  18. Wonderful owl card! Thanks for playing along with Birthday Sundaes, hope to see you again next week. HUGS...SK :)

  19. First of all, your card is adorable! I am crying I'm laughing so hard at your video though. We don't have scorpions here so I really can't relate... but that thing looked tiny to me! So glad you didn't drink your iced tea! THAT would have been a nasty surprise!

  20. Very cute card!
    VERY hilarious video!!! :)

    My MIL lives in Lake Havasu AZ and I have seen several scorpions at her home over the years. I am sure I have let out a scream like that at some point! :)

  21. First, your owl is wonderful. I was just thinking about making him as a shaped card too. And what type of ice tea do you drink? Do you get lots of scorpions in AZ? Scary!

  22. OMG you has me laughing till I saw the one in the glass - you are right - gross.
    BTW - your OWL card is cute!!!!

  23. Oh my goodness, I don't know how you do it. I think I would be scared to even sleep. Great job Mom!!! By the way, I love your card, lol :)

  24. Love the card and the video with all the screaming made me laugh. I think I would have just high tailed it out of there :S