Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tim Holtz! Live! Here are some of the Videos!

Hello!! Here is the live-Stream that Micheal's put on for its Gold card reward memebers in Tempe Arizona. My crafting Bestie and I had front row seats!

Ok so I had to upload these in spurts so they are each under 10 minutes!

It is not me chit-chatting through out the videos!!

I am however the first one to tell him how much I love his new stamps!
And they had awesome huge gift baskets, but our numbers were not called :(
Sorry if it is a little shaky I was holding my camera for over an hour!!

And WoW! Can I just say how super nice he was to all of us?? He spent so much time after taking videos, photos, chatting and autographs!

Stay tuned because I have another amazing give a way!!

Part One!

Part Two!

Part Three!

Part Four

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7 Final!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Again you are sooooo LUCKY!
    I love Tim he such a cutie pie and so talented. Thanks so much for sharing. You must have been thrilled out of your mind! I know I would be. Hugs Bonnie

  2. Hey Carri, Thanks so much for sharing!! I know what you mean, about the "cutesy" I have 3 drawers of Tim Holtz products, and I am always so scared to use them. I know how stupid that sounds when you type, or read that, but I think I too will walk on the wild side with you!! Hey, by the way, what is a gold member? Thanks again for sharing! Karen<3

  3. TFS-How exciting! I bet that was a fun day! Crafty hugs Cathie

  4. These are great! I now have to go and buy his book and get some ideas! I have some of his products, but not I want more. And I guess I will have to spend more at Michaels so I can get to be a gold member for exciting opportunities like this! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see the rest of the videos.

  5. You lucky, lucky gal!! Thanks for sharing the videos, I'll come back watch the last two. TFS!!! :)

  6. How AWESOME that he started all this in Arizona!!?? Was nice to hear his backround. TFS!! (

  7. Oh Wow how awesome is that! Tim Holtz! TFS