Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Fun Card!

I have a little story about this card...
Paula over at More than Favors has a color challenge, turquoise, red and white. I thought great!
Until I realized picking turquoise out of paper is tough! I ended up calling in my Husband who does not get involved in my crafting stuff unless it is so say something like... why is there glitter on my chair??

So anyway he sat down with me and we flipped through the paper packs and he felt this was as close to turquoise as you can get with the paper I own. So we had some good quality crafting time together LOL! (Poor Guy)

I built the card around his color choice and came up with this:

 How cool is this stamp?

Entering into: 

More than Favors: color challenge the colors are Turquoise, Red & White

My Creative time: Imagination Monday Chinese New Year. (sorry I don't own an Image!)


  1. Cool card and so is the stamp!

    I know what you mean about kitchen floor is full of it right now but DH just rolls eyes and keeps going lol

  2. Carri this is great! I am glad that your Scrubby got involved and helped you out! That was so Sweet! Tell my favorite Crafty Pen Pal that I will be sending her a Little something when i go to the post office next week :) its not that big of a deal it fits in a card. :) Thanks for joining the Wacky Wednesday Challenge over at MoreThan Favors!

    Happy Crafting,

  3. Great card Carri!! Happy Crafting!!

  4. Glitter on his chair.. LOL. Hey, I think Turquoise is in the eye of the beholder! LOL. I love the card. and YES that stamps is COOL!

  5. Love the story behind the card. I think once I pick the right papers--the rest is a walk in the park--most the time! Love it!

    {Hugs} Storylady--Linda

  6. I'm glad that you and your man had some good crafting time together! Your card turned out wonderfully. That stamp is super!

  7. WOW I really love that card and the stamp is soo cool!! TFS

  8. Your card is super and so is the backstory of selecting the paper. this was my first challenge and I hope you had as much fun with it as I did. I just became a follower. TFS!

    Mama LoveBug from LoveBug Creations

  9. Cutie! Love the used of Chinese doll and the stamps.