Sunday, October 17, 2010

Craft Space...

And Today it is a messy one!

Love is in the details is having a share your craft space!

This is soooo bad!! I can't even work on the counter LOL!!


  1. Looks like my space!!! Time for a bit of cleaning, I'd say!! :-)

  2. I feel ya. My space is BAD! SOOOO BAD! I haven't gotten settled yet and I'm just throwing things everywhere trying to complete projects *LOL*

  3. I love it, because it looks my space! Especially when I am working! I do love to clean it up and look at a nice clean table. Then once I start working, it is messy again! It shows you are busy creating (that is what I tell my husband).

  4. so nice to see someone else's creative space a disaster. LOL I actually just cleaned mine up this morning cuz it was so bad.