Saturday, July 3, 2010


We have been having so much fun with our Georgia Grandmas! I have been lucky enough to get some free time to craft while they spoil my chicks rotten!! But that's ok, they love it!! I have not been able to blog hop or leave comments because my computer took a turn for the worst!! It has decided it just does not want to work anymore!! SAD!! I have been sneaking in to use my Husbands so my time is very limited! I hope to back in full action soon! I can't wait to back track and see all the great projects everyone has been posting!!

. I took a photo of the temperature of our car yesterday, it read..... 134!!!

Boy it was hot!! Have a great and safe 4th Of July!!


  1. OH my goodness!!! 134? YIKES!!! I can't stand the heat when it is 90! Have fun crafting!

  2. Eek!! That IS hot. Glad you are having fun - even if your computer is not! Now, I'm off to see all those projects you've posted...

  3. 134...Yikes! Glad you're having fun. Computer problem are never any fun, hope you get things resolved soon but look at all the crafting time you'll have by not being on the!

  4. Hope you get your computer well again's so frustrating when that happens. I felt like it was 134 on my back patio in Glendale, AZ yesterday.

  5. Congrads. Go over to Turned Gypsy we won the ribbon organizer...

  6. O boy it looks hot over there!!!! Not so hot here but wait til August comes.... Well hope your comp will be back to norm soon.. don't you hate to be without it. I feel lost !

  7. Yikes it is hot!!! Glad you are having fun with Grandmas! Have a great day :)
    Quilled Hugs,
    Linda K.

  8. Reading temp outside your car...
    dlkjfdsoifhjdsoifdsf oops.. I just fainted on the keyboard.. LOL