Sunday, June 13, 2010

Serenity Scapper Swap Video

Hi Everyone,

I am participating in a swap over at Serenity Scrappers. We have to send in 5 cuts at 3" each for 12 people! I had fun doing this... I love swaps. I made a quick video to show what I will be sending in. You will have to excuse that the video is sideways... My Husband bought me a new one (So Sweet) and I didn't realize I was filming sideways!
Here are the cuts:
Lady Bug from DoodleCharms Pg 94
Flower from New Arrival Pg 100
Wrench from Indie Art
Scallop from Accent Essentials Pg 62
Flower pot from Walk in My Garden Pg 91

It is almost 2:00 am!! I have spent the last three hours trying to figure out how to upload with the new camera!! My fingers are crossed that it works!

*Update... I gave up at 2:15am and retried at 9:00am...

and again at 12:15, 3:45, 6:20 and finally at 7:59 the next day... We have a video!

** Reminder: They are having a contest! Join as a follower on their site and be entered for a chance to win a prize! Tell them Abusybee sent you and I'll be entered too!!


  1. Good job my new Friend. Hugs, Nataliya.

  2. I figured out how to leave a comment here...I posted to a previous posting then it gave me the link to post here...anyway, great video! I love the ladybugs.

  3. Great job, Carri!! I can't wait to see them in person. You picked some fun ones!! What a great idea the flower pot is, I am already trying to work that into a page!!! LOL. I am so glad you are participating in the swap!!

  4. awesome.. I can't wait to get em!! woohoo

  5. Great cuts Carri! I especially like that ladybug. Good job with the video too. The good news is that next time you'll know just what to do!!

  6. Hey great video Carri, so I'm not the only one who stays up so late at night... wish I had one of these cutting machines :) xxx

  7. It sounds so familiar!!!! when I got my new video camera- I too literally spent HOURS trying to download a video!!! (thus the reason I have only made three so far!) Love your cuts---I would love to participate in something familiar--so off to check out the blog!!!

  8. ps. I jut became a follower over at Serenity scrappers and told them you sent me! : )