Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cricut Cut Swap! Hosted by Momo!

I was able to get into the Cricut Cut Swap being hosted by Momo, you can check out her website HERE.

I was partnered up with Alison over Here.

We had fun emailing back and forth the different cartridges we have and what cuts we wanted. It worked out great for us because we only had one of the same cartridges!

We also decided since we were mailing out an envelope it would be fun to add 10 different pattern papers cut at 4X6. This was a great way to clean out our scrap pile and hopefully get some new patterns!

I did a very quick video showing what I will be sending her way!


  1. OH those cuts are so great! I can't wait to get them and the paper too!! This has been a great experience and one I will definitely do again! Thank you sooo much.


  2. Wow these are absolutely awesome! Alison is going to love them! Thanks so much for the awesome idea on the paper. I decided to send some over to Meighen as well! Thanks so much for joining in!!! XOXO Momo