Saturday, April 17, 2010

Creative Keepsakes Convention Arizona 2010

Saturday I spent ALL day at the CKC! It was a crazy over-whelming event!

I signed up for three classes all in a row! It was a lot to take in, so I probably will not sign up for another class next year.

Here is my take on the classes I took and I rated them on a Five star scale:

Top Techniques for Tantalizing Cards: ****. Four Star
You need way more than an hour for this class but I did learn some interesting and different techniques and the teacher was fun. I did some research prior to attending, and found they made the same cards as last year.. so I felt as if I had already made them. But I still enjoyed the class.

The Six Degrees of Stamping: *. One Star
I did not enjoy this class at all, the class description upon signing up stated you would be making five projects, we only made one and had additional supplies for an unfinished card. I was disappointed to see the project that we ended up making, was also being made at the "make and takes" at the vendor faire. We were taught one stamping technique, but honestly I'm not sure if it is a technique I would ever use. I also was not taught anything that I could say "Oh that is good to know".

More 7 Minute Cards: ***. Three Star
I did learn a few quick techniques, but the same technique was used on all the cards. Also if you are a card maker, you don't want the whole card made for you... What fun is that?? So it is the perfect class for someone that likes to give out handmade cards but doesn't have a lot of time to be creative with them.

So in a NUT SHELL... I think you could learn way more by getting on You-tube and typing in "card making techniques"... and save yourself $70.00!

I think my next video will show a few of the new techniques.

I don't want to be a complete DOWNER! It was a good experience I'm glad I went because I now know what it was like. Also because I signed up on-line I was given a "My Creative Companion 2 The ultimate scrapbooking resource book". This book has great photos, ideas, and information.

The above information is only my opinion!

And of course all the shopping to be done afterward! You really have to have patience and a good sense of humor, I was smacked with more giant shopping bags and purses, wedged between happy scrappers and amazed at all the products! So much to see! I went down every isle trying to get the best deal, neatest brad, fancy ribbon, unique paper, and coolest stuff I could find. It took me a few hours! Here is what I ended up lugging home... and yes I did get more paper... LOTS of it!!

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  1. Nice haul. I like it. I can only imagine how much was going on during Saturday. Friday was wild as well. I will definitely take the tip under consideration about the card techniques. I look forward to your next post.