Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Take on Hello Kitty Cricut Cartridge

Here is my take on the Hello Kitty Greetings Salutations cartridge for the Cricut Expression. It was one of the cartridges that I wanted the most when I started researching which one to buy because I loved the "chunkyness" of the features. So I was so excited when I finally purchased it. But after using it, it is definitely harder to figure out than the other cartridges. You have to work at finding the correct sizes for each layer and there are so many layers to each one. So I have been using it, and practicing with it and I came to the decision that this cartridge best works when you print the design in a large size!

Here are some of the cards I came up with using the Hello Kitty Cartridge:
This one is the HK1-s on page 29.
The ribbon is from Target.

This is the Strawberry from page 32 strbry-s

This is a Happy Birthday the cupcake is from page 41 cupcak-s

Here is Halloween Hello Kitty from page 70 hk18-s

And here is the Hello Kitty from Christmas and this one took the longest! Its on page 74 hk19-s and the neon green behind the Kitty is what the shadow feature will do:

Stay tuned for my take on Paper Pups!


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