Saturday, November 6, 2010

Your Invited!

Now that we are having BEAUTIFUL Arizona weather we decided this year to get a fire pit! We are going  to cook hot dogs and smores on it! I made this invite for our friends next door to come and join us!

The fire is from Create A Critter, I used Divine Swirls on his outline and traced them with glitter glue. The red background I used the Bubbles Cuttlebug Folder. The border was from a paper stack.

The Cuttlebug Spot: Come to Dunner!


 We had so much fun! Hot dogs, smores and Jiffy pop!


  1. Love your card. You guys will love your fire pit. My sister has one and she is always having bon fires and doing hot dogs and smores on it. Tons of fun for the whole family. :)

  2. So cute! I LOVE the little fire!!!! :)

  3. Such a great idea for an invitation! Love the cute idea. Your outside fireplace looks very inviting. Got s'mores? Thanks for joining us at The Cuttlebug Spot!

  4. Cute invitation...where's mine?? :-) We love our fire pit too...the kids can't get enough smores. I have to try the strawberry flavored ones next. TFS!

  5. MMMMMMMM, s'mores!!!!! Such a cute card - and it makes me want to make some s'mores. :) TFS!