Friday, June 11, 2010

Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge # 30 and Frosted Designs

Peachy Keen Challenge # 30 Shadow box!!

Onto our next challenge - it's shadowbox time!! For this project, create either an 8x8 or a 12x12 layout to go into a shadowbox. If you only want to create the layout, that is perfectly ok, the shadowbox part is optional. Please link up your entry no later than June 20th to be eligible for the random drawing and judged entry! You're encouraged to use your Peachy Keen Stamps if you have them (we absolutely love to see what you create with our products!), but it is not a requirement.

Wow!! This challenge was tough!! I thought about it and thought about it and then it came to me!!
My story behind it:
I am originally from New York and have many memories of playing in the freezing snow with my sister... now that I live in Arizona and have children of my own it makes me sad that they have never seen snow! So I often tell them about all of my adventures and snowball fights and they love to hear about them.... so why in the middle of June?? Because we have already hit 109 degrees!! So we always think about the snow in summer!
I made this to hang in my girl's toy room to help us smile while we sweat all summer long!!

It was a true labor of love!!

I cut the snowmen from Stretch Your imagination, the t
ree cut is from Every Day Paper Dolls. I embossed the snowmen and used Elmer's glue and lots of glitter I added red ribbon for scarfs. Faces are stamped with my one and only set of Peachy Keen Stamps PK-504!
I love how the tree turned out, I lined it with glue and added glitter. I used a Sty
rofoam ball and my cheese grater to make the snow... ( I never use my grater anyway!) I then hand cut the mountains used a paint brush and glue and added the shavings and re-sprinkled with glitter.

I'm supposed to be the one in the top right corner calling my girls who are in the middle of a snowball fight.... The bigger snowgirl happy that she has a stash of snowballs and the little one in preparation of getting hit with one!

This project also is being entered into Frosted Designs! The challenge for the month is Glitter, Glitter Glitter!


  1. Fabulous project! I know we complained about the snow this winter, but on a 95 degree day, this is nice to see! Thanks for playing with us at Frosted Desings this week! Love the snowmen!
    Kim xXx

  2. Even though I hate snow, I LOVE this!! Wow! You've put so much detail into it. I just love the expressions - especially your snowdaughter who is being hit in the head. That's perfect!! I'm working on my shadow box layout - but it's a summer one!!

  3. Awww this is so cute, looks fantastic... we don't have snow here in Malta but I got to see it for the first time last year when we were in New Zealand! Kids loved it so much !!! Hugs xxx

  4. This is so cute! I lived in Tucson for 4 years. I really liked it there, but I am a four seasons kind of gal. I love the snowy scene. Very clever use of styrofoam and grater. I love the expression of the little snowman that is about to get beaned on the head! Great job with the Peachy Keen challenge! Good luck!

  5. Such a cute idea! Love those cute faces on your snow people! It's hot here and just looking at your shadow box makes me think of the cooler weather! Thanks for playing along with us at Frosted Designs!

  6. This is very cute and creative!!! I love how you created the snow illusion!

  7. I love your creation. With hot weather who doesn't want snow?? Thank you for visiting my blog!

  8. Not only is that a great story... but your snowmen are too cute!! Those expressions are the best!! Thank you for sharing this with us at Frosted Designs!!
    Barb :)

  9. Well, I think this is genius! I knew straight away that the top 'snow person' was calling to children. LOVE your 'snow'. Brilliant! I also love the expressions on the kid's faces. Ha Ha!
    Thank you for playing along with us at Peachy Keen. Good luck! Viv xx

  10. This is so cute! I love the snow you made, and the snowmen are adorable. I like the facial expression on the one that is getting hit in the face. Great Job! Good Luck on the Peachy Keen Challenge!

  11. Great idea! I knew that was Mom.It is as if you can "see" the action. I miss snow right now also.Good Luck
    Mary S.

  12. Hi Carri, I am an upstate New Yorker and I can relate! Your shadow box is absolutely adorable! I love the snowballs flying and the expressions on your snowmen! If I could box up some snow for your kids this coming winter, I would. But only the nice, clean, fresh December snow. Not the yucky dirty end of March snow....ha ha!! Believe me by the end of March we are ready for it to go!! Good Luck with the Peachy Keen Challenge!!

  13. LOL! This is just to funny! The snowman is bracing for the hit while the other one is laughing all the way. The tall one in the back is kinda like the mom yelling at them to behave! Great job and very creative.

  14. WOW, this is SOOOOO CUTE!! I LOVE it!!
    Thank you sooo much for joining us @ Peachy Keen!
    Big hugs,

  15. What a wonderful take on this challenge! Your sparkly, embossed snow people are fantastic! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Peachy Keen Stamps!