Monday, April 19, 2010

Card made for a Card Supply Swap...

I think it is called a card supply swap? You exchange materials to make a single card to a few people and then post the card...

Here is the card that I made using the supplies that I have sent out. And of course there is a story to go with it!

I t
hought how fun would it be to make a video showing how I used the supplies and came up with my design for the card. Because I don't pre-design my card I just design during the moment it takes me longer to make decisions so it took me about 1/2 an hour to make the video. Then I started editing the video which took me about an hour. And it was after midnight when I finally got done. (And I had to go to work this morning!!) So right before I left my craft room I picked up the card that was still on my work area and went to stand it up on my display shelf and realized I cut the card in the wrong direction and the card would not stand! So There was no way I could go to sleep knowing that the card was made wrong so I had to pull it all apart and design it facing the correct direction! So the whole video was a waste since what I designed didn't work! Isn't crafting so fun?? But I learned a good lesson so its OK!!
Anyway... Ladies I hope you have fun with the supplies I am sending! I can't wait to see the designs!

Supplies sent:
Card base
2 squares of different pattern paper
2 scallops circle cuts from accent essentials
12" of ribbon
Stamp "It's your special day"
Pop up butterfly


  1. Super cute. I like it,especially the butterfly. I hope you can make something great from my supplies. I didn't include a sentiment. I figure we all have such cute stamps, I wanted to see what we had to offer. Can't wait to get my package. Thanks for joining in.

  2. Beautiful cards!! That birthday cake looks good enough to eat! YUM!