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Check out the gallery for photos: Skittle Projects

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Thank you for your interest in Skittles!  I personally hand dye each of my skittle colors in my lab ~AKA Craft Room. It is very difficult to re-create release colors because they are made one batch at a time. So that means once the release is sold out, it is sold out forever. Each Skittle batch is made with Love and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  

These are handmade so color does vary among the pieces.

Each bag contains 25 skittles of each color.
*Free bonus offers do not apply to 3 count order*
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**Many releases have sold out, please watch for SOLD OUT items!**

The new Holiday colors for the 2015 year!!

Frosty Kisses 2015

Holiday Traditions 2015

Available options:
Frosty Kisses 2015 $3.75
25-Frosty Pink
25-Frosty Blue

Holiday Traditions 2015 $3.75
25-Grinch Green
25-Rudulph Red
25-Gift Gold

Frosty Kisses and Holiday Traditions $ 6.50

25-Frosty Pink
25-Frosty Blue
25-Grinch Green
25-Rudulph Red
25-Gift Gold

Frosty Kisses X 2 $ 6.50
50-Frosty Pink
50-Frosty Blue

Holiday Traditions X 2 $ 6.50
50-Grinch Green
50-Rudulph Red
50-Gift Gold

Frosty Kisses X 2 and Holiday Traditions X 2 $12.00
50-Frosty Pink
50-Frosty Blue
50-Grinch Green
50-Rudulph Red
50-Gift Gold

**Special limited time offer, for any order over $6.00 free 25-count baggie of DoubleClick Skittles will automatically be added to your order**

Please email me direct if you would like to place a special request order


New Release options: Select Arrow

And I am happy to introduce the DoubleClick Skittle colors of Summer 2015:



 Blue Raspberry:

This release will be only the 3 colors above. NO FREE bonus color with this set of 3 Release. If you order a set of 6 or more you will receive a bonus color! (see my Store or below for more details!)

Option 1:

You can get this release for $3.75! (free shipping)

3 Bags total:
25 Strawberry
25 Banana
25 Blue Raspberry

Option 2:
$6.90 for 2X the Fun! (free shipping) PLUS FREE BONUS COLOR
Free Shipping
7 bags total:
50 Strawberry
50 Banana
50 Blue Raspberry
25 Free Bonus Color


Summer 2015

Option 3:
$17.10  for 19 Bags total Free Shipping
Original 15 Colors 
3 colors Summer 2015 release 
Free Bonus Color


New Release options

Original Release
15 bags $ 12.00 free shipping
You will be sent one each of the original color release
Available Options:


You Choose 6 Bags! 
6 Bags $6.00 Free shipping PLEASE NOTE WHICH COLORS

Original Release Plus Release 1
15 colors from Original Release
3 colors from Release 1
18 bags total $ 15.00 
Free Shipping

Select arrow for additional Quantities
Original Release Plus Desert/Summer Release
15 Original Color Release
6 colors from Desert/Summer Release 
21 bags total $18.00
Free Shipping

New Release options Select Arrow for additional quantities

6 colors from Desert/Summer Release 
6 bags total Free Shipping
New Release options Select Arrow for additional quantities

Sweet Love contains: Pink Sherbet, Shell Pink and Mountain Rose

Sweet Love Release: $3.50 Free shipping
25 Pink Sherbet
25 Shell Pink
25 Mountain Rose

Sweet Love Release X 2 = $ 6.50 + FREE Color!  Free Shipping
Buy 2 sets and receive Mountain Rose as a FREE Bonus!
50 Pink Sherbet
50 Shell Pink
50 Mountain Rose 

Select arrow for additional Quantities

Pink Sherbet:

Shell Pink:

Mountain Rose

Back to School Release:


Select Arrow for more quantity options


Arizona Residents please add 8.55% Sales Tax

Available Colors:




Sailboat Blue


 Sunset Orange



Purple Twilight

Sunshine Yellow



Complete Set:

Release Number 1


 Wild Plum:

Desert/Summer Release:


Terra Cotta:




Check out the gallery for photos: Skittle Projects


  1. I would love to have these colors..lettuce, Ginger, slate, eggplant,Citrus, Latte, Cranberry, Meadow, Current, Watermelon,Caramel and!!! Sailboat Blue...
    I tried already by paying with paypal but I don't have a credit card added which is the only option you have... plus I considered where I live in Canada I would like to give you extra for shipping... so I was thinking since you have paypal you can give me your paypal email you use and I can just send you the money!!! $12.00 plus shipping !! Let me know what you think! Hugs

  2. I am so anxious to get my hands on some yummy crafty skittles...CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  3. They are soooooo pretty. Got to get the mint and pink ones.

  4. I Ordered this Skittles and they are a great addition to crafting - so many ways to embellish your creations using them - a great idea!

  5. Hi Carri, are you still selling on Etsy too? I placed an order on there but didn't hear anything back so I'm not sure I ordered in the right place.


  6. Made an order,,,, havent heard anything ... was just wondering

  7. Lindaplus3- Skittles were mailed the same day! Enjoy!

  8. They are all so pretty!!!! Fantastic colours!

  9. Thank you for sponsoring Just Be Creative Monthly Jan challenge - have a blessed day!

  10. Just popping by to say THANK YOU for your sponsorship over at Beckie's Just B Creative Crazy January linky - your prize is a coveted one and I just wanted you to know that I'm grateful for your sponsorship .

  11. Thanks so much for your support of the Just B Creative Crazy January challenge. I love these sweet little "Skittles", and I'm wondering if you have samples of how to use them? I would love to see them in action! Here is my blog link:

  12. These are awesome. I had no idea there were so many colors of skittles. Would make pretty rainbow cards

  13. Is it possible to just buy the black skittles?

    1. Yes, you can only buy black. I messaged you on google, you can email me at my contact me button above!

  14. I'm not sure if my other comment went through, beautiful colors, something to match every project, beautiful! Hugs, Lori m